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Are you gay or bisexual? Do you have prostate cancer?

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MCFPC is committed to extending its message of early detection to gay and bisexual men in Maine and to help them and their partners, friends and allies connect with educational and support resources. MCFPC recognizes these men may have unique issues related to their identity and sexual performance and a diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Support in Maine

There are several excellent sources of educational and support information for gay men with prostate cancer and MCFPC believes it is more effective to connect people to these resources rather than to duplicate them. The topics and links below are just a sampling of what exists on the two primary web sites for gay men with prostate cancer: Malecare and Out With Cancer.

MCFPC also believes it is important to connect Maine gay/bi-sexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer with other gay men diagnosed with prostate cancer both in Maine and outside of Maine. Sending a message to the Maine Malecare e-mail address:  will connect you with other Gay/bisexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Maine. Or, you may contact Bruce McClenahan at 207-623-5961.

A national link where men diagnosed with prostate cancer can “match” themselves with other gay men similarly diagnosed and share their experiences is also listed in “Support” below.

Please remember to come back to visit our website where there is more information about prostate cancer and what we are doing in Maine.

Gay Mens’ Support Group – National

Online Connections with Gay/Bisexual support Groups

Being Gay/Bi-sexual with Prostate Cancer