News from President and Directors of MCFPC

Spoke at Manchester Lions club January 11, 2024

Nelson, Leavitt and Dan Bois spoke at Manchester Lions Club at their evening meeting.. There were 21 in attendance, including the Lions’ District Governor, who resides in their club. We arrived for their social time, so we got to meet several members and talked one to one with them about our mission for prostate cancer Advocacy. As soon as the opening formalities were over and we ate a nice meal of salad, ham and green beans, we were asked to speak. Nelson spoke first telling about his history beginning in 2001. Having recovered at home the date was cemented in his mind because of the twin towers attack September 11, 2001. Nelson talked about the Maine Coalition To Fight Prostate Cancer and it’s mission of adding and aiding support groups across the state, including Augusta, which meets every last Tuesday of the month. After about 10 minutes Nelson turned the meeting over to Dan Bois. Nelson said his is the ‘good‘ story, but Dan’s story is ‘not so good.’ Dan spoke about his journey with cancer starting off with his cancer as ok, being first found by his primary care physician on doing an annual check. After a period of time, Dan decided to go ahead and have a biopsy, which proved positive. Dan went to a surgeon who removed his prostate. After a period of time his PSA number started going up so he was treated with external beam radiation. He again thought he was all set. Then again, after a period of time the number started going up, so he went on hormone therapy and suffered all the side effects common with that treatment. He said “Again, I thought the cancer was stopped at the end of the treatments, but again the number started going up.” Dan tried a vegan diet and all through this process he has continued to be very active getting lots of exercise, pushing himself when he really didn’t feel good. From running up and down mountains to skiing and hiking, he has always been very active and is in great shape. As his setbacks kept coming, he had some depression but the running and exercise helped that to not get him down for long.
After years of battling prostate cancer, he is now convinced that no matter what he does, the Cancer always comes back and it’s always there. No matter, Dan has learned to live under the dark cloud of cancer and not lose hope.
Members of the Lions club had many questions for him and me. There was one man in the group who had prostate cancer treatment in the past and said that he is cancer free today. Another man said he has a “normal“ PSA of 14. Because that is so unusual, the Dr. sent him to get all the tests possible, but no cancer tumor has ever been seen by MRI or found by other means. This process has been going on for several years. The doctors now say that he just has an abnormally high PSA number and they don’t know why.
So far in January, we have visited three different groups to speak about prostate cancer. Two of the groups were Lions clubs and the third was Augusta Rotary Club. Each time we have been received warmly, and have seen genuine interest in our discussions, with good question and answer sessions afterward.
We are looking forward to more outreach sessions.
I have an aching heart for all who are faced with losses of loved ones by cancer. With 55 years of fighting skin cancer coupled with 22 years of prostate cancer, I have made advocacy for those with any cancer my later life’s mission. Cancer does not pick only people of one status. We are all vulnerable and need to be diligent in getting screened by the latest and best testing. Don’t wait…talk to your doctor for the latest information, and do as they advise.
Nelson Leavitt, its President
November 5th 2023
Sept 7. 2023
Good news! We will be sending a team to the “day of hope“ walk at university of Maine, Augusta. We hope you can come to walk with us and contribute to the wonderful work of the Harold Alfond center for cancer care. The Kennebec Area Prostate, Cancer support group will now be holding its monthly meetings at the cancer center. We hope to meet our goal in contributions to show how much we appreciate the use of the facility and the services of staff. Thank you! This link will take you to our team to make joining easier! If you are unable to work, your way through it, call Linda Allen ‘s direct phone number.. (207) 626-1809 Cancer Warriors,
Nelson Leavitt, team leader
August 29, 2023
Prostate cancer involves the whole family. And at our support group meeting on Tuesday, 18 people came. Those that come learn from others and support others. Caring is what holds the group together and keeps them coming out. We had 3 new people this week. One has been diagnosed and is trying to make decisions about treatment, the others came to compare notes with old-timers, seeking best choices for correcting related prostate-health issues.
This is Bob’s family who came in his support. Bob has been living with metastatic prostate cancer for over 12 years. When his cancer was first found, it had already spread throughout his body. Thanks to the support of wife Gail, his daughter and sons, our support group members, ever improving cancer treatments and care, and God Almighty, Bob is getting years of quality life beyond expectation. After giving community support, and others left, we praised God together in a tight family circle for all these gifts. — with Karen A. Dore.