Prostate Cancer Support Groups

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Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Maine are a resource for prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones.

Where are the prostate cancer Support Groups?

Prostate Cancer Support Group may be found in the following locations. Please use the links below for more information about the location.

Interested in starting your own prostate cancer network? Here are some suggestions.

One-2-One Confidential

One-2-One Confidential logoA program offering confidential conversations began in the state of Maine so that men and their partners can talk to others who have had experience with the prostate cancer journey. One-2-One Confidential is staffed by many volunteers, all prostate cancer survivors, who understand that no man need feel alone.

Women may prefer to talk with partners of prostate cancer survivors or gay or bisexual men may wish to talk with someone who understands their particular prostate cancer issues, and volunteers are available to speak to these women and men.

Please call 207-441-5374 and leave a message, someone will return your call quickly. We have many men, survivors themselves, who are trained to discuss issues related to prostate cancer with you.

Why a prostate cancer Support Group?

  • Prostate Cancer Support Group are places to listen, ask questions, and share thoughts confidentially.
  • Our goal is to help men and their loved ones learn more about how to cope with living after a cancer diagnosis. We strive to provide a forum to learn about treatment and post-treatment options through presentations by medical professionals, written materials, and most importantly, discussion with other men who are having or have had similar experiences. (Many Support Group welcome partners as well.)
  • Gaining and sharing knowledge helps everyone cope and achieve better outcomes. All meetings are free to all participants.

Who are we?

  • Newly-diagnosed / pre-primary treatment (lots of questions)
  • Post-treatment / some side effects (some experience, still learning)
  • Post-treatment / post-side effects (lots of experience, helping others, still learning)

Still need support?

If you would like to participate in a prostate cancer network and none exists where you are, please contact your local hospital, the Oncology Department would be a starting place.

Interested in starting your own prostate cancer network? Here are some suggestions.

rev: 1/24/2020