Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer is made up of unpaid volunteers. It was established in December 2004-05 by a group of prostate cancer survivors and their spouses. Members of the Coalition share the desire to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection, and to offer support to men and their families as they confront prostate cancer in their lives.

The Coalition works cooperatively with many groups and organizations in Maine and around the country to achieve the common goal of eradicating prostate cancer. We urge you (all men and women) to reach us in person to connect with our volunteers about any of our services and information, by calling (toll free) (855) 552-7200 ext 801  

Important Information

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One-2-One Confidential

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Connect to our One 2 One Confidential page. Help is quickly available from our team of experienced volunteers who have themselves experienced prostate issues including cancer. We are standing by waiting to discuss your journey with you and answer your questions by calling (toll free) 1-855-552-7200 ext 801

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MCFPC is continually available to men and their families. We will continue to keep up with the many changes and provide the latest information. If we are not always successful please do call (toll-free) 1-855-552-7200 x 801 if you have any valuable information to share or questions about information, dates, times, and locations.
~ Nelson Leavitt, Director and Founding & Past President

Our Mission

“The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer is dedicated to ending the devastating impact of prostate cancer on men, their loved ones and the State of Maine.”

Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer
PO Box 5036
Augusta, ME 04330–5036.
Telephone: toll-free (855) 552-7200

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