Prostate Cancer Deaths to Hit Highest Numbers in Two Decades

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Despite most cancers seeing a drop in deaths, prostate cancer deaths are on the rise in the U.S. New reporting from the American Cancer Society shows that in 2020, the number of men who will die from prostate cancer will hit a record high over the last two decades, with an increase of 5 percent since just last year.

The annual report – Cancer Facts and Figures – was released, and states that disease reductions “halted” for prostate cancer. Other troubling findings include a prediction that in 2020, prostate cancer will receive the most diagnoses among male cancers, with 21 percent of new cancer cases being prostate-related, compared to the next highest, lung and bronchus, at only 13 percent. Of those diagnosed with prostate cancer, 10 percent are expected to pass away from the disease.

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