Links to on-line services and organizations offering resources including local Maine support organizations

blue ribbonMCFPC Resources

MCFPC Prostate Cancer Networks

Prostate Cancer Networks in Maine are a resource for prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones. 
Go to the list of Prostate Cancer Networks in Maine...

Video Series Speaks to How Prostate Cancer Affects Families

A series of 30-minute videos about prostate cancer and its effect on the lives of Maine men and their families.
Read more information about the series and view all of the videos here on our website...

Coalition Speakers Bureau

One of the ways that we can do this is to talk to members of our communities.
Read more about the Speakers' Bureau...

Treatment History Spreadsheet

During treatment for prostate cancer, it is very important to have your treatment history in one easy to read place so that you can refer to it when making decisions. This spreadsheet is an example of how your treatment history can be kept.

blue ribbon Other Resources in Maine

Low Cost Healthcare Options

The MCFPC recently added a resource for Mainers looking for low cost healthcare options.
Go to the Low Cost Healthcare Options page.

Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing offers Financial Resource Counseling

Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing offers the services of a qualified Financial Resource Counselor.
More information about financial service.

Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute Prostate & Other Genitourinary Cancer Clinical Patient Navigator

Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute provides a dedicated full-time nurse who serves as a Prostate & Other Genitourinary Cancer Clinical Patient Navigator
More information about the Maine Medical Center Clinical Patient Navigator

Maine State Wellness Website

health-maineKeepMEWell is designed to help Maine residents assess their risk for chronic disease, improve their health through education, and link them to local resources and supports that can help them decrease their risk of chronic disease and improve their health.
Visit KeepMEWell

Maine Cancer Stats


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