blueribbon Coalition Publishes Winter Newsletter

We here at the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer are launching a newsletter. Our goal is to produce four issues a year on a seasonal basis. Each of them will provide prostate cancer survivors with links to reputable resources for prostate cancer information. We will provide notification about upcoming events of interest to prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones. We hope to have a physician column in each issue. As always, the Coalition welcomes suggestions and advice from members of the prostate cancer community. If you want information about a specific topic, please let us know by e-mailing . We encourage you to write to us about your prostate cancer journey. We can all learn from a personal testimonial.

Use this link to download the MCFPC Winter 2020 Newsletter (PDF)...


blueribbon More metastatic prostate cancers found after change in screening guidelines

From an article by Kaiser Permanete...

Kaiser Permanente research provides first data from a large, integrated, health care system on the impacts of 2012 USPSTF change in PSA-based screening recommendations. 

In the years after the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended against PSA-based screening in all men, many fewer men were diagnosed with prostate cancer but more were found to have advanced cancers, according to a large study of nearly a half-million screening-eligible men in Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California region.

For every 25 fewer prostate cancers found, there was 1 additional case of metastatic cancer.

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blueribbon Prostate Cancer Deaths to Hit Highest Numbers in Two Decades

From an article by

Despite most cancers seeing a drop in deaths, prostate cancer deaths are on the rise in the U.S. New reporting from the American Cancer Society shows that in 2020, the number of men who will die from prostate cancer will hit a record high over the last two decades, with an increase of 5 percent since just last year.

The annual report – Cancer Facts and Figures – was released, and states that disease reductions “halted” for prostate cancer. Other troubling findings include a prediction that in 2020, prostate cancer will receive the most diagnoses among male cancers, with 21 percent of new cancer cases being prostate-related, compared to the next highest, lung and bronchus, at only 13 percent. Of those diagnosed with prostate cancer, 10 percent are expected to pass away from the disease.

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blueribbon Maine Medical Center Opens New Rooms for Cancer Patients

Maine Medical Center From Portland Press Herald

Cancer patients at Maine Medical Center will have private rooms and panoramic views of Portland when the hospital’s new oncology tower opens on Dec. 15.

The Coulombe Family Tower contains 64 new single-occupancy rooms, each with floor-to-ceiling windows. The tower – two floors built on top of the existing hospital – is the latest milestone of Maine Med’s sweeping, $534 million renovation and expansion project. By the time the expansion is completed in 2022, the hospital will have added 128 single-occupancy rooms.

The total number of beds will not increase from the current 637 because adding single-occupancy rooms will allow the hospital to eliminate many double rooms. About 80 percent of rooms will become single-occupancy, compared to 50 percent now.

Maine Med President Jeffrey Sanders said that the new rooms will “significantly improve the healing environment for our oncology patients and will begin to help address some of the capacity challenges” at the hospital. While the expansion will not increase the hospital’s capacity, Maine Med has experienced problems with patient flow.

Although the hospital has 637 beds, the actual capacity is sometimes in the 580s or even lower, Maine Med officials have said, because many patients are too sick to stay in a double room.

The new tower also includes family lounges and waiting rooms and nursing stations. On the roof is the heli-pad, which will open next week. Botler said the heli-pad will have direct elevator access to the emergency department, shaving 2 1/2 minutes off patient transport time.

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blueribbon Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center's Online Support Group

The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center announces a new start date for the next session of the Online Support Group. The new session will begin December 3 at 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm and run through February 18, meeting every two weeks during that 12-week period. Here is the description of the Online Support Group:

“Survivorship: Finding Your Way Forward”

Online Cancer Support Group with Stephanie McLeod-Estevez, LCPC, art therapist and breast cancer survivor

When: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - February 18, 2020
Time: 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

Cancer diagnosis and treatment present physical challenges and emotional ones as well. Support and understanding can help us through this journey. “Survivorship: Finding Your Way Forward" offers information, support and skill building tools that aid in addressing and improving overall wellness. This group is open to anyone in active treatment or post-treatment and their loved ones.

This Online Support Group is geared toward those who live remotely or simply choose to attend from their home. The group can be accessed in the comfort of your own home by:

  • Phone
  • Tablet/computer
  • Smartphone

The group will meet every two weeks & run in 12-week sessions and a new session will begin every 3-months. Each session will cover a different topic from introduction to the psychology behind cancer survivorship and resiliency to the impact of cancer on the body, mind and spirit. Individual screening calls with the facilitator are strongly encouraged.

More information on the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center website

To register or for more information, call the Beth Wright Cancer Resource Center at 664-0339.

Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center
23 Commerce Park, PO Box 322


blueribbon Fairfield man's prostate cancer fight - News Center Maine

Screenshot from News Center MaineDaniel Bois found out he had prostate cancer two years ago. He tells NEWS CENTER Maine how the Dempsey Center's treatments helped him deal with battling cancer. Use this link to view the story...







blueribbon UrologyHealth extra® Magazine

UrologyHealth extra® is a valuable resource for helping readers actively navigate and manage their urologic health care - from reading stories on newsworthy urology topics and finding the most delicious and urologic-friendly recipes, to reading about the latest treatments and products. The FREE magazine deliver fresh content to patients, caregivers, urologists, AUA Member practices and other health care providers each quarter. Use this link to learn more about the UrologyHealth extra® magazine - be sure to click on button next to "Prostate Health Series" to see the most recent articles related to prostate cancer.

blueribbon JNCCN360 Resources

The MCFPC is pleased to provide users with this link to recent information about prostate cancer. The Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network - JNCCN360 is part of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Use this link for current information about  new tests, treatments, clinical trials and other information about prostate cancer...

The NCCN also publishes a "Guidelines for Patients" resource on the topic of prostate cancer. The publication comes in an on-line "book" format, a downloadable PDF and will soon be published in paper format. Use this link to access the digital version of Guidelines for Patients - Prostate Cancer. Please contact NCCN if you cannot access the content. 


blueribbon Our Videos

screen shot of the latest video from MCFPCTwo videos that feature several of the cancer support centers in Maine have recently been produced by the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer (MCFPC) in cooperation with Time Warner Cable of Maine. All of the MCFPD videos may be viewed here on our website

The first video "Cancer and Your Life - Cancer Support Centers in Maine" was hosted by Michael Jones, Board Advisor to MCFPC. In this video, we learn more about some of the wonderful support services that exist in Maine to help those on their cancer journey. Guests include Mary Dempsey, Assistant Director of the Patrick Dempsey Center of Hope and Healing in Lewiston, ME., Mark Smith, educator, who continues to deal with prostate cancer and Michael Reisman, the Executive Director for the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth, ME.

View "Cancer and Your Life - Cancer Support Centers in Maine" on Vimeo

Part 9 of the series "Cancer and Your Life - Cancer Support Centers in Maine - Part 2" was recorded in January 2016 and hosted by Michael Jones Board Advisor to MCFPC. In this video, we continue to learn more about some of the wonderful support services that exist in Maine to help those on their cancer journey. Guests include Nicole Avery, Executive Director of Cancer Community Center of South Portland, Nelson Leavitt, one of the founders of MCFPC and Sue Craib, founder of the Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine.

View "Cancer and Your Life - Cancer Support Centers in Maine - part 2" on Vimeo


blueribbon MCFPC Brochure/Flyer

New posterThe Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer has a brochure/flyer that you may download, print out and share with friends and family.


Use this link to download the PDF of the new flyer...


Download this file (MCFPC_LtrPoster_web.pdf)MCFPC - Flyer 2015[ ]158 kB