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The Coalition welcomes new members in the fight against prostate cancer. If you would like to join or simply make a financial contribution to help with our goal to educate Maine men on the importance of prostate cancer screening, please send membership requests and/or tax deductible donations to: 

Mona Ervin
177 Cook St.
Auburn, ME 04210



If your donation is "In memory of" or "In honor of," please indicate this on the reference line of the check or enclose a separate note.

Time, Treasure, & Talent

There are approximately 1,400 newly diagnosed MEN with prostate cancer in Maine every year and nearly 200 Maine men annually die from this disease. The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer is attempting to help as many of these men and their loved ones as we can. But WE need your help as well. Whether it is your time, your special talent or your treasure please help reduce the terrible burden of this disease in Maine. Please call (855)552-7200 extension 800 or email us at if you have been touched by prostate cancer in some way and would like to make a difference.

We have current needs for the following tasks:

  • Help us set up and manage free prostate cancer screenings. (Although it is not a requirement, anyone with prior experience in healthcare and an interest in saving lives is encouraged to apply.)
  • Complete a review of our accounting records. Anyone who is a CPA is encouraged to call us.
  • Assist us in reaching more people through social media.
  • Establish a closed group on Facebook for prostate cancer survivors and then manage it.
  • Establish a closed group on LinkedIn for prostate cancer survivors and then manage it.
  • Distribute press releases.
  • Distribute public service announcements.
  • Represent the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer at different venues.
  • Help establish a prostate cancer network within your fraternal organization; get the word out that there is a group to help current members.
  • Locate venues that will accept our brochures and then keep them supplied.
  • Keep brochures on prostate cancer available in local libraries.
  • Assist us in identifying grant sources and writing grant applications.

We thank you for your support.