MCFPC logoOnce Your life has been threatened with cancer you are never the same and the challenge is to figure out your new normal.

There are now more than 12 million men and women throughout the United States who are Cancer Survivors.

In these last decades the focus has rightly been on our medical journey.... how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. And that is where our priorities must remain.

However, once our treatment has been completed, or even if our cancer is ongoing, we still need to figure out how we go forward.

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer* ( is preparing a series of 30 minute videos about the quality of life after cancer treatment. The videos will be shown statewide and also be available on our website and we need your help.

The term “survivor” has different meanings for different people and we hope to better understand how we define ourselves. We intend to explore “healing, health and happiness after cancer.” What are the barriers and what leads to success?

We ask you to complete this survey and though this is not meant to be a scientific survey, what we learn from everyone will help us broaden our perspectives for the actual program. As we better understand the concerns, needs and successes of many different people, the videos we develop will be more useful. We ask that responses be offered anonymously but even if you choose to identify yourself, we will nonetheless treat the responses as anonymous and our program will in no way identify you.

Our first video will deal with those whose treatments have concluded and are now in remission. Our second will feature professionals in the field and our third will explore those whose treatments are ongoing. All will eventually be on our website and the survey results will be posted there as well. Thank you for participating.

Please use on this link to complete the survey online...

Or Print out the survey and mail your responses to

Attn: SJ
60 Western Ave. Suite 254
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For More Information: e-mail Sandy Jaeger Tel:207 371 2740 or

*mcfpc is a statewide, all volunteer, nonprofit organization.