Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer

Terry Kungel MCFPC, President & CEO

Currently over 80% of prostate cancer in Maine men is diagnosed at the earliest possible stage. Those diagnosed in local or regional stage have a NEARLY 100% chance of survival after five years while cases diagnosed at the advanced stage (when the cancer has spread) have only a 33% chance of survival after five years.

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer was established in December 2005 by a group of prostate cancer survivors and their spouses. Members of the Coalition share the desire to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection.

The Coalition works cooperatively with many groups and organizations in Maine and around the country to achieve the common goal of eradicating prostate cancer.

Active Surveillance:
What is It? Is it right for me?

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer has been a strong advocate for prostate cancer screening for most men. It is your body, you have a right to know what your health situation is. But, MCFPC is also concerned about the level of overtreatment that occurs once a diagnosis of prostate cancer has been made; while 25% to 30% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer do die from this disease, nearly 90% of men are electing to do a treatment. MCFPC would like to see treatments reduced by 50% to minimize irrevocable incontinence and impotence that can result from current primary procedures.

Active Surveillance is an effective way to monitor low grade prostate cancer while at the same time avoiding or postponing any erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence. If your doctor indicates you are a candidate for Active Surveillance, we strongly encourage you to seriously consider this option. More information about Active Surveillance may be found here on our website.

MCFPC recently developed an information card that answers the question: Active Surveillance: What is It? Is it right for me?

Please use this link to download the brochure - [PDF]