Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer was established in December 2005 by a group of prostate cancer survivors and their spouses. Members of the Coalition share the desire to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection.

The Coalition works cooperatively with many groups and organizations in Maine and around the country to achieve the common goal of eradicating prostate cancer.

Important Information

With the social distancing guidelines in place, prostate cancer support groups state wide are no longer able to meet. We urge all men who need the support of fellow prostate cancer patients to do the following:

  1. Call our One 2 One Confidential Line at 207-441-5374. Help is quickly available.
  2. Call your nearest cancer resource center and ask about video conferencing. Use this link to find a list of Cancer Resource Centers in Maine.

You are invited to contact the Beth C. Wright Center (207-664-0339) or the Bangor YMCA (207-941-2808) for information about meeting times and log in information for their Zoom Meetings for prostate cancer survivors.

Volunteers Welcome

Like most non-profits we are always looking for volunteer assistance in a number of areas. If any of the following examples areas interest you, or if you have other ideas, please let me know:

  • Officers: currently looking for a secretary for a one-year term
  • Coordinators: fundraising/grants, public relations, website, membership
  • Liaisons: local support groups, national groups, local nurse navigators
  • Projects: review MCFPC videos, review brochures, maintain interested parties listings

Please feel free to contact MCFPC Chair, Mona Ervin directly if you have questions or wish additional information. Contact information for Mona Ervin, phone 207-784-2086, email – .

Thank you!