Current PCa information

Notes from Terry Kungel former Chair of MCFPC (presented to The Bath Brunswick March, 2022 meeting)

Terry Kungel mentioned ZERO, the Project to End Prostate Cancer, at their annual symposium during the first week of March. All of the meetings were virtual this year.

Dr. Spratt from a Cleveland hospital reported on three different tests that are currently available: the OncoType, Prolaris and Decipher.  He started his presentation with the depressing fact that most tests in prostate cancer are no better than a coin flip, wrong 50% of the time. Dr. Spratt also made the case the currently available tests were not generally designed to offer a prognosis. He showed a chart that indicated by adding National Comprehensive Cancer Network NCCN nomogram information the accuracy could increase to 65%. When Dr. Damico’s CAPRA data is added results improve to 70%. Dr. Spratt made the case that buy adding information from a genetic test examining 15-20 mutations to NCCN and CAPRA predictive ability increases to 85%, still not 100% but vastly better than a coin flip.  Dr. Spratt is arguing that everyone adopt a Clinical Genomic Risk Group System that he and others have developed. The test that Dr. Spratt endorses as doing a substantially better job for risk stratification is the Decipher test.