MCFPC Prostate Cancer Support Group

Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Maine are a resource for prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones. Go to the list of Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Maine…

MCFPC Video Series

Video Series Speaks to How Prostate Cancer Affects Families – A series of 30-minute videos about prostate cancer and its effect on the lives of Maine men and their families. Read more information about the series and view all of the videos here on our website…

Treatment History Spreadsheet

Treatment History Spreadsheet – During treatment for prostate cancer, it is very important to have your treatment history in one easy to read place so that you can refer to it when making decisions. This spreadsheet is an example of how your treatment history can be kept. Treatment History Spreadsheet (Excel format – requires plugin) or Treatment History Spreadsheet (PDF format)

Maine Cancer Statistics

Maine Cancer Statistics – Statistical Data for Maine based upon National Cancer Institute – Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program (SEER).

Other Resources in Maine



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